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Information for the 2019 Maksymetz Family Reunion

In 1898 and 1904, brothers Jacob and Peter Maksymetz, were drawn out of the seclusion of their tiny village in Galacia to become part of the Ukrainian emigration to the New World. The brothers and their families added to the cultural mosaic of the Ukrainian settlements, which were then emerging on the Canadian Prairies.

From these early beginnings, we, the descendants of Peter and Jacob, now number in the hundreds and have blended into the fabric of North American society. We wish to honor their memory and our own heritage with this website.

It has been over a century since Peter and Jacob bound themselves and their families to the soil of the prairies. In 1998 we celebrated the 100th anniversary of Jacob's arrival. In 2004 we celebrated the centenary of Peter's arrival in Canada.

We invite you to view our website. Read about our family history, check out the photo gallery and keep up to date on the family. Feel free to contribute in any way and make sure to sign our guest book! And of course find out all the details about the upcoming Maksymetz Family Reunion 2009 festivities, which will be a fun-filled weekend for the entire family!

As the older generation fades away, some parts of our Ukrainian culture and heritage are being lost forever. It is our hope that through this website the folk-memory and traditions of our decendants can be preserved and communicated to new generations, so they too can become aware and proud of their ancestry, which had its roots over a century ago with Peter and Jacob's arrival to Canada.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost (1874 - 1963), The Road Not Taken

Banner Photo (Left to right): Jacob Maksymetz (1865-1959), Pauline (Shiminiwski) Maksymetz (1875-1927), Anastasia/Nellie (Goy) Maksymetz (1883-1944), Peter Maksymetz (1875-1953).