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I'm wondering whether we're related anyhow or not. My father - Roman Maksymets (1942-2010) - was born in the family of Vasyl Maksymets in Torky village (Lviv oblast, Galicia). It could possibly be that we are relatives. I would gladly discover more about the history of the Canadian part of my family, if you will.

Kind Regards,

Andriy Maksymets - Kyiv, Ukraine
Posted: February 18, 2013
I am currently doing a semester in Hawaii studying Hawaiian culture and ocean sciences. We have an ancestry paper due soon, so I am checking out this site. Thanks for all the info! This is the best family ever! Love you all!!

Katharine Onofryton - Waimea, Hawaii
Posted: February 3, 2013
I am Margaret,daughter of Peter amd Mary Moroz,son of Nicholas Moroz,son of Lukian Moroz. Lukian and Olena are buried in the Welland Holy Cross Cemetery which I visit. I have fond memories of the M farm in Venkaw and also of my cousins. Steve M. was my father's best man. I would lke to go to the next reunin..when is it.

margaret moroz - welland ontario
Posted: July 24, 2012
Hello to all of you. My aunt Pauline Moroz (Walt) told me of your website and that we're related through marriage. Lukian Maksymetz married Olena Moroz, if I understand it correctly, and that's how this branch of the tree began.
My parents were Joe (Thomas Joseph) and Mary (nee Marie Moroz) Bailey who married in 1946, had 8 kids and lived and died of Fergus, ON. My grandmother, Anastasia (Nellie), was born in Galicia, Austria; her husband Nicholas Moroz was born in Barzchow, Austria. My siblings are Veronica (died in 2003), Michael, Marie (Knell), Barbara (Ferris), Kathleen (Kate), Margaret (Mag) (Darroch), and Ronald (Ron--died 1980). As a kid, I often heard Maksymetz's referred to in conversation.
It's great to meet you all in cyberspace on your well-crafted website.

Maureen Jane Bailey - Delta, BC, Canada
Posted: November 21, 2010
Looking forward to the Ukraine trip in 2011.
Spoke with Olga and she is also very interested.

Elecia Hart - Vancouver B.C.
Posted: August 8, 2010
You mean Steve actually exists outside the Alouette? Hahaha.

Jeff Crabb - The Pas
Posted: August 5, 2010
Very proud "to have a Maksymetz" among my best

Manuel da Silva Oliveira - Portugal
Posted: July 23, 2010
ernie maksymetz is my grandpa my mom is erna rae

darren sampson - campbell river bc
Posted: June 7, 2010
Hello Long Lost Cousins!

You have a wonderful website. It has helped me to discover through Google Earth, the location of the homestead of my Great Grandparents Lukian and Olena (nee Gushchak) Moroz. I am grateful to you.

Luke Maksymetz married Lukian and Olena’s daughter Anne. Apparently Luke purchased the Moroz homestead from his father-in-law. A sister of Anne, Sophie Moroz, married my grandfather Fred Dmytruk. The Dmytruks moved as a family from Dauphin Manitoba and settled in Welland, Ontario to raise eight children. At one point, Fred Dmytruk had our family name changed to Mitruk, apparently to save confusion by the government mixing up his family with families having similar names.

I was vaguely aware of distant Maksymetz cousins. My father’s sister attended your 2009 family reunion. I am grateful to my aunt for mailing me a family tree illustrating the Dmytruk/Maksymetz connection along with pictures of you and the Moroz homestead.

So there you have it –another arm of the family with lots more very distant Mitruk cousins of the Luke Maksymetz/Olena Moroz branch scattered throughout the Niagara peninsula.

God bless all of you.

John Fredrick Mitruk - Mississauga, Ontario
Posted: January 13, 2010
we just discovered your website and Emily & I are
enjoying the stories and the pictures,just have to
find the time to read all of them.

Morris & Emily Zajic - Winnipeg Manitoba
Posted: December 1, 2009
Unfortunately Maureen and I were unable to attend the reunion this year. I'm sure it was a success as usual. With such a huge family it is usually the only time one gets to see a lot of relatives so from us this is a big HELLO to all you out there.
P.S. Update to the Maksymetz book - we are finally grandparents. Catherine(who lives in Sturgis Sask.) had a baby girl at the end of June. Christopher has moved to Yorkton Sask. working there as an Electrician. GO RIDERS! My regards to the Bomber fans.

Harold Maksymetz - Kamsack Saskatchewan
Posted: November 8, 2009

So sorry we could not make it to the 2009 reunion, it sounds like it was a real great time. Maybe some day we will be able to afford to come out for a visit as long as everyones health is still good. Hopefully I will get to meet all of you.

Love and Yours Truly
Lorraine Maksymetz
p.s. My husband is Ron

Lorraine(Lorrie) Maksymetz - Millbrook, Ontario
Posted: November 5, 2009
Cindy Olson mentioned that her grandmother is Mary (Schmon) Maksymetz. Our family name, Schmon, is unusual and I would like to learn more about that side of her family.

My email address is aschmon@telus.net

Arthur Schmon - Vancouver BC Canada
Posted: October 8, 2009
Just back from the reunion weekend! Awesome time! It was great seeing everyone again! I especially liked the Bonfire at the Rampton ranch! Thank you to the Maksymetz Reunion committee for another great reunion. Your hard work and dedication to this event has not gone unnoticed! (I know, I never saw mom all weekend!) Thanks again! Oh, and that book is something we'll treasure forever! It's beautiful! And..you Maksymetz's who didn't make it...plan for coming to next one..you won't be disappointed!!!

Leslie Allard - Thompson, Manitoba
Posted: July 28, 2009
I am the daughter of Elsie (Maksymetz) Olson, who is daughter to John J. and Mary (Schmon) Maksymetz and grand-daughter of Jacob and Pauline Maksymetz.

We just returned from the family reunion and want to thank all involved for their hard work in making this such a memorable and enjoyable occasion. We had a fantastic time!

Cindy Olson - Mankato, Minnesota USA
Posted: July 28, 2009
Hey people of Maksymetz descent coming to the reunion:
My granddaughters will be doing a Ukrainian dance on the stage at the selo on Sunday. If you have children or grandchildren that dance (ANY dance) or play an instrument (other than piano of course), please have them prepared for Sunday. You may see me about it Saturday or Sunday. See you there!!! LeeAnna

LeeAnna - Winnipeg
Posted: July 20, 2009
Just doing some googling and found this page. Will look further into it. You're one of the many cousins that I met years ago. All the best. I think my brothers Mike and Bill were visiting with you two years or so ago. I should make the trip again some day.


Frances Horodelski - Toronto
Posted: June 6, 2009
looking forward to meeting all you cousins i,ve never met before. my family branch comes from sophie moroz grandfather lukian and olena. see you at the reunion

glen and anne mcgowan - australia,
Posted: May 10, 2009
Well, it is nice to know there are actually some other people with the last name Maksymetz on the planet!
I'm son to Richard Maksymetz, who is son to Harry Maksymetz. Ironically we all have the same last name.
It appears that many people have done a good job with the set up of the 2009-Family Reunion, as well, to the set up of this web-site.
If the stars align, hopefully I'll be attending in July.
Go Ukraine!

Robert Jacob Maksymetz - Grande Prairie, AB
Posted: April 30, 2009
Hi Russ
Neat web page. Looks like a lot of work designing it.

Caralee Arendt - Aldergrove, B.C.
Posted: April 21, 2009
Want to say "hi" to Robin Maksymetz, who I know from Christ For The Nations, Dallas, TX. Congratulations on your Family Reunion! May God richly bless you and yours. If anyone wants to write back to my email, please feel welcome! Robin was a good friend of mine and truly a spiritual inspiration to me. I'll never forget one of his favorite songs sung by Lynda Rondstat: "I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone...its going to be a bright sunshiny day!"

Sue Haber (Williams) - Cathedral City, CA 92234
Posted: April 15, 2009
Wow, this is great. I had no idea this website was here. Well done!

Angie Maksymetz - Grande Prairie, AB
Posted: April 8, 2009
Hi! A granddaughter of Mary Halowaty (nee Maksymetz). Cool project!

Meagan Halowaty - Oakbank, MB
Posted: April 6, 2009
Thank you to all the family members who submitted their stories for the new Maksymetz family book. We have received a terrific response, although there are a few stories still missing. We are attempting to gather these. The first draft has been printed and is currently being reviewed and edited. We are also preparing other articles and documents for the book, such as original ship manifests, census records, and land title records. We will be going to the publisher on April 30, 2009. We are very excited about this book and believe it will become a cherished memory for many years to come.

2009 Book Committee
Kerry Maskiew & Dennis Maksymetz

Kerry Maskiew - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Posted: April 5, 2009
The "Maksymetz Memoirs" Book deadline has passed but we are still accepting the write ups and pictures so PLEASE send them in as soon as possible so that we can get a 100% participation. Every write up will have an individual picture so send them in digitally or mail them to me and we can scan them. We are going to the publisher very soon so please give me fifteen minutes of your time. Thanks and "Getter done!:

Dennis Maksymetz - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Posted: January 10, 2009
Hoping all of the Maksymetz Family Relatives had a "Outstanding Christmas Holiday" along with "Wishing You All A Most Prosperous 2009 New Year!

Nicholas, Cathleen & Andrew Boyko - Farmington Hills, MI. 48335
Posted: December 28, 2008
I'm glad to see the Website is being updated again.

Matthew Johnson - Vancouver
Posted: December 27, 2008
We didn't put in Gordon's relation here...so another try.

I am the second youngest son of Eva Herman (Maksymetz) Eva had three sons; and three daughters, as well as twin boys who sadly died at childbirth.

Gordon & Darlene Herman - 111 Edgehill Place NW Calgary Ab
Posted: December 5, 2008

I've attended a couple of these reunions, and my wife and children attended one.

It's an "Eye Opening" event to see so many people, related; united with one common purpose in mind, We had a great time at all of them. Impossible to believe the amount of work that goes into getting these organized and running successfully. Congratulations on doing an outstanding job, each and every time, and thank you so much for all the work you do on behalf of the family.

God Bless Always and May Peace and Love Abide not just here But Everywhere in this Beautiful World that God created!

Gordon & Darlene Herman - 111 Edgehill Place NW Calgary Ab
Posted: December 5, 2008
Glad to see another reunion coming up, the last one was great!

Karen Maskiew - Combermere, Ontario
Posted: November 26, 2008
Just saying hi from a neighbour in Mt. Lehman B.C. It's nice to see your guest book. We are not related, but know Russ Maksymetz and family very well. Have a good Family Reunion in 2009.

Gloria and Roderic Crawford - Mt. Lehman, B.C.
Posted: November 24, 2008
Hello everyone!!!!! Can't wait to see the new additions and everyone else. See you all in 2009!!!!

Kristal Gluska - The Pas, Manitoba
Posted: November 10, 2008
Thank you all for the excellent response for your updates for the "New Maksymetz Memoirs" book that we are working on. We have extended the "Deadline" to the end of November and I am continuing to receive updates on a daily basis. Those that have sent in your family updates and photos, thank you very much and those that have not, PLEASE SEND them in ASAP!!! There is a lot of work left to put it together in book form!!!
Dennis Maksymetz

Dennis Maksymetz - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Posted: November 3, 2008
Can't Wait!!

Kelly McConnell (Maksymetz) - Estevan, SK
Posted: October 14, 2008
Thanks for collecting this history.

Rock Pulak - Belmont, MA USA
Posted: September 4, 2008
Hello to all Maksymetz' out there. I am the son of Harold and Maureen Maksymetz from Kamsack, Sask., who emigrated there from the booming town of Togo, Sask. I also have a sister Catherine who has just moved from Saskatoon to Sturgis to further her lifes journey. My dads parents are Harry and Anne Maksymetz, and my moms are James and Ada Gawley. I just googled our name and found this site, really nice to see our name has become immortal on the internet. :) Hope all is well with everyone.

Chris Maksymetz - Grande Prairie
Posted: September 1, 2008
This is really cool. I am one of the Grandson's of Mary Maksymetz. And I would like to thank the organizers of this site.You all did a great job! Can't wait to see all of you in 2009.

Michael Onofryton - Phoenix,Az
Posted: August 26, 2008
hello everyone !!!!!!!

vincent maksymetz - winnipeg
Posted: July 30, 2008
This is great!!! I just stumbled upon this website for the heck of it and could not believe that "MAKSYMETZ" was actually on the web - you can't even find it in a telephone book - let alone anywhere else!!! My father's name is Ronald Nicholas Maksymetz. His father was Nicholas Peter (i think) Maksymetz. Anyway I am glad that all of you have kept the family history and have honored it with reunions. Keep it up!!!!

Nicole Ann Maksymetz

Nicole Ann Maksymetz - Easley, South Carolina (born in MI)
Posted: July 23, 2008
I am the daughter of Jean Burns, my Baba is EVA MAKSYMETZ. This is a wonderful website! It is wonderful to know that my family history is available to access so easily. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in July 2009.

Sharon Bulas - Winnipeg, MB
Posted: July 3, 2008
A well thoughtout Website. A special thanks to Dennis Maksymetz of Winnipeg, Manitoba for e-mailing this to me. My parents, Jessie and Nick, were close friends of Morris and Nellie Maksymetz when they were still in the Dauphin area. I'm also sure that there are lots of Horodelski folk (and with different spellings) out there in Canada, U.S.A. and Ukraine, Poland and Russia, some of which did not migrate to Canada. I can also imagine numbering in the hundreds. To organize such a reunion is a major accomplishment. Congratulations to the organizers, and have a great 2009 family runion.

Bill Hordelski (Horodelski) - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Posted: July 3, 2008
Would like to be kept up to date with the Reunion. Considering taking a little drive to dauphin to attend. Last time I was there was for 25th wedding Anniversary of Walter and stayed overnight at the famous Gilbert Plains Hotel and attended the the Anniversary party at the farm and the Frolic in Ethelbert that was fun. I am the youngest child of Wasyl & Pauline (moroz) Kaschuk, grandson of Lukien Moroz, don't remember my grandmothers name but remember she was blind when she lived in Port Robinson, Ontario.

Stephen Kaschuk - Barrie, Ontario
Posted: June 26, 2008
Thank you so much to all the people who organized all the past reunions and all who are working on the present one 2009. I really enjoyed all the reunions and i'm sure I will enjoy this one,god willing. If you need any help during the reunion just call me. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
JUNE 25th 2008

helen zelisney (maksymetz) - winnipeg mb.
Posted: June 25, 2008
please keep me informed about the next family reunion . thanks

gordon herman - calgary
Posted: June 15, 2008
Darren Maksymetz is my roommate here in Bermuda, and I feel that it's an act of self-preservation to read up on his family to see why he does the things he does. Everything is starting to come together for me.......

Angela Thomson - Bermuda
Posted: May 12, 2008
Hi everyone!
Due to unsolicited bulk email messages (spam) the Guest Book was disabled for a good stretch of time. I am happy to announce that the problem has been resolved (thanks Jason!) and the Guest Book has been reactivated, as of today. (There maybe a few bugs to iron out as we monitor traffic).

The timing couldn't be better as this is the first announcement for the 2009 Maksymetz Family Reunion!

Bookmark this site and check back often for updates. The Reunion Executive has been meeting since early 2008 and they have a number of wonderful surprises and announcments coming up for the 2009 reunion!.

Comment away....

Kerry Maskiew - Winnipeg
Posted: April 16, 2008
I wondered if you could help me. My family also came from Galicia in the early 1900's. i wonered if you had to search fo the name of the ship your family came here on. If so i wondered where you looked. My family also came through Halifax, but i am having a hard time finding information. Thank you so much and the sight is great.

Mandy Lee - birtle manitoba
Posted: October 27, 2005
Hi Everyone
Watch for some pictures & updates from 2004 reunion coming soon. Kerry & Ann Maskiew email address has changed. you can get us at kmaskiew@shaw.ca If you have any Questions or Pictures from the Reunion you'd like to send us please do so. Thanks

Ann Maskiew - Winnipeg
Posted: June 22, 2005
Just wondering how the trip to Ukraine was last summer/fall? Was anyone able to make more family connections or expand the family tree?

Still hoping to connect the Maksymetz family to the Maksymytz family.

Please call me at (403) 263-0197 (home) or 645-3065 (work) or email me at makz@telus.net to discuss more.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Myrtle Maksymytz

Myrtle Maksymytz - Calgary, AB
Posted: June 9, 2005
Hey I was just doing a school project on my Baba Mary Halowaty (Maksymetz) and I thought I'd check out this cool website!!

Lauren Halowaty - Michell, Manitoba
Posted: June 9, 2005
Someone named Peter had been writing for information about 3-5 years ago. I have not heard from him for awhile. My brother, Robin, had emailed you earlier with info.
(Campbell River is on Vancouver Island)

Sharon Maksymetz - Campbell River, BC
Posted: January 22, 2005
Congratulations Chantelle and Jamie!!!
Can't wait to meet the bouncing baby boy when I come to Winnipeg in July!

Marlene Mealy - Santa Maria, Ca
Posted: January 17, 2005
We have an addition to our family, CONGRATULATIONS to Chantelle and Jamie Melnyk and to Lawrence and Alice Maksymetz on becoming BABA and GIDO. Chantelle and Jamie have a bouncing baby boy, born on December 22, 2004!!

helen zelisney - 434 lipton st.
Posted: December 29, 2004
This is a really great website, I'm glad that you took the time to put it together! I'm sure it'll serve as a great tool for the family to keep in touch and up to date.

Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to the reunion this summer, but I was very touched to read on the website that a dedication was made to my grandfather at the reunion, Walter J. Maksymetz. Gido was very proud to be a member of this incredible family and I know that he very much enjoyed organizing and attending the Maksymetz family reunions, as family was of the utmost importance to him.

Kathryn Johnson - Vancouver, BC
Posted: November 11, 2004
Just checking this site out, see if i could find any family. Found another Kuzenko, but not sure if we're related.

Sharla Kuzenko - Rossburn, MB
Posted: October 31, 2004
Greetings from Ukraine.

We are having a wonderful time visiting our heritage
in Perviatychy and Hrobkiv and exploring our roots with Lawrence and Alice Maksymetz.

Pat Don Oster - L'viv, Ukraine
Posted: October 8, 2004
A long, long time ago in history
Ukrainian immigrants took a stand
The way they knew to survive
Was by farming, sons of the land.

Followed by another generation
The sons of these immigrants
With pride they took an interest
Watching the crop miracles of plants.

Between Gilbert Plains-Mink Creek
Distance of eighteen miles no alarms
But I can recall a legend being built
There were at least nine family farms.

The name Maksymetz on these farms
With so many taking it to fields
Along with what I can recall
A spirit of desire and good yields.

Each man took pride in his work
Natural the amount of intensity
No prize or trophy handed out
But they created their own identity.

They didn’t compete or compare
To the young farmers of today
But it was a different approach
Farming in a much different way.

The era which I grew up to see
Which I had the pleasure to know
One active member of an awesome group
Maksymetz grain still does grow.

-Michael Paskaruk

Michael Paskaruk - Mink Creek
Posted: September 15, 2004
Thanks to all who were involved in the 2004 reunion. It was a wonderful experience. I was particulalry impressed with the program at the banquet Saturday night.

I am proud to have the wheat centerpiece I purchased at the Sunday picnic sitting on my dining room table. It's a beautiful momento of a truly lovely experience and a family of which I am proud.

Cindy Olson - Mankato, MN
Posted: August 10, 2004
A wonderful reunion. Many thanks to all who worked so hard to make this reunion the success it was. It was great to meet up with the relatives who I haven't seen for years, and to meet others for the first time. A great time.

Karen Maskiew - Combermere Ontario
Posted: August 5, 2004
God Bless All who worked so hard Cousin Jim brought all the beautiful memories. Was reg.had to cancel my first miss. Good planning Thanks for hard work They are looking down and proud.of all familyo

Doris Boyko - usa
Posted: August 5, 2004
Excited to have found your website. I will look around and hope to one day connect your side of the family to mine. Our side of the family has 17 different spelling variations, including Maksymetz, yet we are from the same bloodline.

I would be very interested in receiving an email from someone on your side of the family.

Myrtle Maksymytz - Calgary, AB
Posted: August 5, 2004
Hello everyone!!! Just wanted to drop a line and let
you know Susan and I made it home. We had such
a wonderful time !!!!! Thank you so much for everything!!! It was so great seeing everyone and meeting new relatives. This trip did my heart and soul a good thing!! I miss you all already. All our
love, Elaine and Susan.

P.S. The centerpiece made it fine on the plane. I
love it. Thanks again.

Elaine (Maksymetz) Dark - Pensacola,Florida
Posted: July 30, 2004
On behalf of my family, we would like to thank the reunion committee for a well organized event. The story of Jacob and Peter caught the attention of our grandchildren and brought them closer to their heritage...

Walter and Margaret Maksymetz - Dauphin, Mb.
Posted: July 27, 2004
This family reunion was really fun. I can't wait until the next one. From, Alaina (9 years)

Alaina Waluk - Mill Valley, California
Posted: July 27, 2004
Hi Everyone!

I was very impressed with this web site. The information was very informative.

Linda Blair - 655 Nairn Ave Wpg Mb
Posted: July 22, 2004
Only four more days to go! Things are in the final preparation stage (count down). Can't wait to get on the dance floor. Looking forward to seeing everyone. It's been an exciting adventure, getting to know cousins I've only seen in passing (chocha Eileen)....thanks for all the good laughs & fun at the meetings while organizing this event. See you all on Saturday.

Ann Maskiew - Winnipeg, MB
Posted: July 20, 2004
Dear Maksymetz family, the reunion is beginning to take shape. We have approximately 220 people registered as of today. We'll have 40 golfers and duffers at the golf tournament at Gilbert Plains on Friday. The Peter Maksymetz memorial plaques have been installed at the Mink Creek cemetery as of yesterday,July 13. Don't forget that we will be having registration at the Mink Creek Hall from 11:30 to 12:45 with a lite snack, followed by a short(we hope) church service at the Mink Creek Church. A special dedication will follow at the Mink Creek cemetery. Dinner and dance at 6:00 pm at the 11th ave hall. We'll have a live band (High Profile) for our evening ZABAVA. Don't forget the pig roast on Sunday at Selo Ukraina.
Yahoo! let's have a great time.
Gratefully submitted by your chairman,
Lawrence Maksymetz.

Lawrence Maksymetz - Winnipeg
Posted: July 14, 2004
I remember visiting my grandfather's homestead in Mink Creek as a very young boy in the summer. I was with my family and my mother, Eva. I can visualize Peter's hair being red. There was the warmth of the family, and the coziness of the log home. I loved it there. When it was time to go - I didn't want to. I backed up into either the water bucket or slop pail and fell in. People laughed, but not enough to hurt a young boy's feelings. It was just a funny sight. Everyone helped me clean up, and consolled my injured pride. It was a long ride back to Winnipeg...

Lawrence Herman - Calgary Alberta
Posted: July 6, 2004
Thanks for your timely message Eileen (see message of June 08, 2004), it also applies to all of Peter's decendents. We know of many who have verbally committed to attend, but have not sent their registrations. Remember only 45 days until the reunion! By the way, I support Eileen's hot dog comment! See you all on July 23, 24 and 25.

Kerry Maskiew - Winnipeg, MB
Posted: June 8, 2004
To all you Jacob descendants,
instead of sitting there and browsing this website, send in your registration money! Otherwise, no hotdogs for you at the picnic!

Tim, that means you! (and Dennis and Russ).

Looking forward to seeing everybody at the reunion!

Eileen Kuzenko - Winnipeg, MB
Posted: June 8, 2004
I have just read Maria's touching words that go right to the heart. Yes how fortunate we are to live in this land and to have freedom and our family near . Our complaints are very minimalistic compared to what our family in the Ukraine have endured.
I am proud to be a descendant of Peter and Anastasia Maksymetz.

Veronica Slota - Oak Bank, Manitoba
Posted: June 6, 2004
Looking good - just browsing . . . . ..

Elecia Maksymetz - St Albert, Alberta
Posted: June 2, 2004
Yes Steve, you have a right to be proud of your family website. Also, I would like to say hi to the Paskaruk family in Mink Creek.

Dodie Harrison Simonite - The Pas, MB
Posted: May 8, 2004
I was going to update our information but was having diffuculty finding out where to find it.
Morris and myself will be attending the Maksymetz Reunion this July, hope to meet alot of you we don't know.

Morris and Eileen Paskaruk - Mink, Creek, Man
Posted: May 1, 2004
Excellent web-site. I'm glad to see the Ukranian traditions live on... a huge regret is not learning more from my grandfather when he was alive.

Kathleen Polischuk - Winnipeg
Posted: April 23, 2004
What a wonderful event this will be! I am really looking forward to reconnecting with my wonderful Maksymetz relatives. My sons Jacob and Joshua Jagdfeld will be joining me and my mother (their grandmother) Elsie (Maksymetz) Olson, who is the daughter of John Jacob Maksymetz and the granddaughter of Jacob Maksymetz. My brother Brian and his family from Denver will be attending, too, so it will be a mini-reunion for us as well.

Cindy Olson - Mankato, MN
Posted: April 15, 2004
It is so awesome to see our ancestors remembered . I am very honored to be a part of this family. The website is excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Garry Slota - Winnipeg
Posted: April 15, 2004
I guess I should have also said that Dave is the son of Andy and Zita (Maksymetz) Waluk.
Andy and Zita, along with Sandra, Dave's sister will also be attending.
Thanks for the site!

Mary Waluk - Mill Valley, California
Posted: April 13, 2004
Dave and I and our three daughters are looking forward to a fun filled weekend. Alaina, 9, Kara, 7 and Lauren 2 1/2 are hoping to meet some cousins to play with. See you in July.

Mary Waluk (Dave's wife} - Mill Valley, California
Posted: April 13, 2004

So good to see the hard work put into this website, it really is a treasure.

I'm the son of Elizabeth (Elsie) Olson, formerly Maksymetz.

My wife Ronda, and our daughters Brea of Alexandria VA and Jennifer and her husband Brian of Atlanta GA, look forward to this summer's reunion.

God bless all!!

Brian Olson
Highlands Ranch CO

Brian Olson - Highlands Ranch CO
Posted: March 17, 2004
Hi, i'm the son of Tony & Linda Maksymetz i have a sister Charleen(Maksymetz)Dzendzara and her husband Kevin Dzendzara. I'm the god son of Lawrence and Elsie Maksymetz 2 really great people. This is my first visit to the site and july will be my first reunion. So i'm very excited to be going and meeting so many members of this family. Since u all in JULY!!!!

Vincent Maksymetz - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Posted: March 12, 2004
Hello Maksymetz Family Members,
This past year has been a tough one. My wife Cathleen lost her mom Lorraine at 73 years old; two years earlier lost her father. My intentions are to attend the Reunion 04 but I cannot provide a definite response because of some tentative commitments. In any case my Mother Doris Boyko, Uncle Max Maksymetz and my cousins had some great stories to tell from the past reunion. Wishing all the best of health and happiness until we meet. God Bless....
Love, Nicholas, Cathleen and Andrew Boyko

Nicholas, Cathleen & Andrew Boyko - Farmington Hills, Michigan
Posted: March 7, 2004
Web site looks great! Looking forward for the family to experience a Maksymets Family Reunion.

Warrren Luky - Thomson mb (Paint Lake)
Posted: March 7, 2004
I meant to say my grandmother is Elizabeth H. (Maksymetz) Olson.

Jacob Jagdfeld - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Posted: February 27, 2004
Hey all! I'm a fourth generation Maksymetz. My mother is Cindy Olson. Elizabeth H. (Maksymetz) Olson. I'm planning to be at the 2004 reunion this summer!! Hope to see and meet you all again!!


Jacob Jagdfeld - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Posted: February 27, 2004
Looking forward to having Todd enjoy his first Maksymetz Family Reunion Experience! Also looking forward to once again trying to give Charlotte a run for her money in the Ladies Makooz!! ( Very doubtful, but a person can dream!!) Can't wait to see all the family and doing a few polkas with Slow koh.( My Ukrainian isn't the greatest!)

Kim and Todd Gulka - Winnipeg, MB
Posted: January 23, 2004
I look forward to seeing family members at the reunion. My son James (12) and daughter Altera (10) are looking forward to the experience.

Bryan Maksymetz - Coquitlam, BC
Posted: January 23, 2004
Congratulations to the website and to the committee members for the 2004 reunion. Looking forward to seeing everyone in July. Like my sister, Cheryl, I know our dad (Walter J.) would be happy that the tradition continues and be very impressed by the Maksymetzs of the 21st century. The pictures are great!

Brenda Mielnik - Oshawa, ON
Posted: January 15, 2004
Hi everyone! It is nice to see the web site up and running. No excuses not to communicate with the family now that we are on the web. My children, Blake, Eric and Lauren are looking forward to meeting the many cousins they have. My dad would be proud that the family is having another reunion.

Cheryl Nichols (daughter of Walter J.) - Winnipeg, MB
Posted: December 15, 2003
Me & the girls Christina & Sharla will be attending this time, should be FUN. Nice website. would be nice to see all of you.

Brenda Bugge (Zelisney) - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Posted: December 8, 2003
Very nice site, especially the picture of myself. I had more hair in 92.

Wayne Zelisney - Winnipeg Mb
Posted: December 4, 2003
I will be attending this summer's family reunion. See you there!

Jackie Zelisney - Mallorytown, Ontario
Posted: December 3, 2003
Can't wait for the Family Reunion!
I will be sending a picture of me and my husband to this website shortly.
See you in July!

Marlene Mealy - Santa Maria, California
Posted: December 3, 2003
I work with Elaine Dark, your family member, who told me about the web site. Good job. More families should do the same. Best regards. Mike O'Brien

Michael w. O'Brien M.D. - Pensacola, Florida, USA
Posted: December 2, 2003
This is a great website!!! I am the daughter of Nicholas and Alice Maksymetz and I had such a
wonderful time at the 1992 Maksymetz Reunion. I will definitely be at this years. The photos are great too.

Elaine (Maksymetz) Dark - Pensacola,Florida
Posted: November 27, 2003
Nice job guys. I'm the son of Max Maksymetz, who of course, was the son of Max Maksymetz, who I believe was one of Jacob's sons. I was at the reunion in 82? I've gained weight and lost hair since then.

David Maksymetz - Shelby Twp. MI USA
Posted: November 25, 2003
Great website!!
Keep up the good work--looking forward to next summer.
All the best and thanks for doing ALL the work!

Russ Maksymetz - 5906 Ross Rd. Abbotsford BC V4X1Z1
Posted: November 21, 2003
Excellent web sight. We'll see you all this summer.

Terry Maksymetz - Brandon Manitoba
Posted: November 20, 2003
A wonderful project which will, hopefully, gather information about all our family...and store it for easy access...

Anne Ratuski - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Posted: November 19, 2003
This is a wonderful idea.

Marie & Dean Maskiew - Winnipeg
Posted: November 18, 2003
Can't wait to see everyone in Dauphin!

We have two children who will follow in their mother's footsteps, and tear up the wooden floors at 8th Avenue that weekend!!

Looking forward to see everyone, especially the "Luke clan"

Leslie (Kuzenko) & Ken Allard - Thompson,MB
Posted: November 10, 2003
A wonderful web site! Hope to see some messages from the Jacob descendants. Looking forward to seeing you all July/04!

LeeAnna & Ernie Ratushniak - Winnipeg, MB
Posted: November 9, 2003
Uncle Lawrence visited us on October 23, 2003, showed us the wesbsite. Pretty neat.
Hope to see everyone in Dauphin, 2004.
See you all then!

Kristal Maksymetz - The Pas, MB
Posted: October 25, 2003
Lawrence visited us on Oct.23,2003 and showed us the web site. This is a great idea. Looking forward to the reunion in July.

Syl Maksymetz - The Pas Mb.
Posted: October 23, 2003
I think this is an excellent idea, preserving the past electronically.

Arnie Paskaruk - The Pas, Manitoba, Canada
Posted: October 14, 2003
Just trying out the new site. I love it!

Glenn Paskaruk - Winnipeg
Posted: October 14, 2003
This is realy something new to have a Maksymetz web site.My regards to the peaple who set it up. GREAT JOB!!

Steve Maksymetz - The Pas, MB.
Posted: October 13, 2003
It's nice to see that the Maksymetz website is now up and running. Thanks to all those involved in setting it up.
We're looking forward to the Zabava(party) in Dauphin next year.

Lawrence Maksymetz - Winnipeg, Mb.
Posted: October 7, 2003